Baku, Azerbaijan, Idea by Big Architects


This 1,000,000m2 island development in the Caspian Sea is setting a new global standard for luxury and sustainable living. By developing its three abundant resources – sun, water and wind – Zira will become a carbon-neutral eco-community that is entirely independent of external resources.

The buildings will be heated and cooled by heat pumps connected to the Caspian Sea, and power will be provided by photovoltaic panels integrated into buildings. Rainwater will be treated to provide drinking water and wastewater will be reused for irrigation.

Zira will take on a biomorphic look, featuring seven major structures modelled after the mountain peaks of Azerbaijan. Each peak will house a residential development and public space, and 300 private villas and a golf course will be built in the central valley. Zira’s skyline of organic buildings will resemble a mountain range that merges with the natural topography of the island.

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