Islamic Balanced Fund


This fund aims to provide steady long-term returns and capital growth. It seeks to provide a moderated exposure to volatility in the short term.

This fund will be invested in a wide variety of domestic and international asset classes such as equity securities, sukuks and listed property, within the constraints of the statutory investment restrictions for retirement funds. The underlying investments will comply with Sharia requirements as prescribed by the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

Who should invest?

This fund is suitable for Muslim investors requiring a Sharia-compliant portfolio appropriate for retirement schemes. Investors would also be seeking to build and grow their long-term retirement savings, while preserving the purchasing power of their capital over the long-term and limiting their exposure to short-term market fluctuations.

Performance to 30 September 2019
*Average performance in South African Multi Asset High Equity unit trust universe. Performance is based on a lump sum investment using Class A Net Asset Value (NAV) prices with income distributions reinvested. Performance figures are quoted after the deduction of all costs incurred within the fund. Source: Morningstar
Minimum investment and fees (excl. VAT)

Lump sum: R5 000 and/or monthly debit order of R500
Initial fee: 0.00%
Financial adviser fee (maximum): 3.00%
Ongoing advice fee (maximum): 1.00% per annum
Management fee: 1.25% per annum

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